cup place machine


  • Ideal cup placing machine for liquid line.
  • With high stability and efficiency.
  • cup placing machine
  • Cup Placing Machine
  • cup placing machine
  • Cup Placing Machine

Automatic Cup Placing Machine Model: ALC series

Automatic Cup Placing Machine is primarily used for syrup filling lines. It positions the measuring cup onto the bottle neck before labeling, and then secures the cup in place through a secondary downward pressure, ensuring it doesn’t fall off. The process is simple, smooth, and highly accurate, it suitable for high-speed production lines.

  • Precise cup placement
  • No cup added if there is no bottle
  • Compact structure, small footprint
  • Accommodates cups of various capacities
  • Flexible structure, can be adjusted to fit the production site layout





Conveyor Length


Supply voltage power

220V 50Hz 1.5kw


Around 500kg

Overall dimensions

2500 x1500 x 2000mm

factory (3)
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