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Tanzania Case

Although the cooperation between Aligned and the customer officially started in 2018, they already had a frequent communication with Aligned back in 2017. In this experience, we impressed the customer with our sincerity and excellent professionalism. So in 2018, the customer started to share their ideas about the project with us, from specific choices and plans to future goals. We also shared our years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry field with them without reservation.

After a thorough inspection of Aligned’ s production capacity, scale and service capability, the customer had full recognition of Aligned and met with Aligned’ s management at the end of 2018 and mid 2019 respectively to adjust the overall plan and confirm the cooperation intention, hoping we could build solid production line, liquid production line and independent lab from scratch for them.

In the autumn of 2019, in order to make the project better in the later stage, Aligned’ s team came to the customer’s factory personally and finally determined the program of the purification project and pharmaceutical production equipment according to the completed building construction. In 2020, in the era of the rampant epidemic, the links from production to transportation were greatly hindered by constant factory shutdowns and frequent interruptions in logistics, but even in the face of such difficulties, Aligned still completed the production tasks on time and shipped all the machines to the customer in July.

In this project, Aligned delivered the production on time in the face of the difficulties of the epidemic, which certainly reflects our professionalism and service spirit, and it is the later installation and training that show Aligned’ s corporate values of responsibility for customers.

From 2021 to 2023, Aligned made three trips to the customer’s factory to complete the installation and commissioning of machines, as well as the training of the customer. The difficulties we faced were not only the epidemic that spread all over the world, but also the customer’s own situation, which was far beyond our expectations. The lack of plant layout led to the delay of commissioning, the lack of staff experience in machine operation led to more than twice the training time, and even before the official start of production, the customer still had the problem of insufficient capacity to use the machine. Facing all these difficulties, Aligned’ s engineers tried their best to help them, standing in the customer’s point of view and considering the long-term development of the enterprise, and finally successfully helped the customer to solve the problems, and also let our team gain valuable practical experience.

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Algeria Case

With six years of cooperation history, the customer has full trust and brand recognition in Aligned. So when the customer needed to establish a factory branch, they immediately thought of us and started to communicate with us about their needs and ideas.

At the beginning of 2016, the customer’s technical team made a visit to our company, personally visited our advanced machines and production plant, and had face-to-face communication with the working team. After receiving our project proposal, the customer really believed that Aligned has the ability to oversee the whole situation and master every detail precisely, and is the most suitable partner for cooperation.

In just two years, Aligned not only completed the production delivery of all machines, but also designed and built a clean room for the customer, installed the water system, and arranged for engineers to install and commission the machines in batches according to the customer’s factory construction, trying to provide the most efficient and economic service to them.

As this is a project with a long time span, the customer will also have new demands according to the current market dynamics and changes in their own capacity, Aligned respects their ideas very much and tries our best to realize their demands. The project was successfully completed and became a demonstration project for Aligned in Algeria, which is a milestone project for us in this market. In recent years, we have maintained close communication with the customer to understand their feelings about using the machines and always provide a complete after-sales service.

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Turkey Case

At the end of 2015, our customer, with whom Aligned has a long history of cooperation, invited us to contract the construction of their branch. Aligned made sufficient preparation for this and welcomed the customers who came to our company for site visit in early 2016, showed them our most advanced machines and had an enlightening exchange on technology. As Aligned showed excellent technical development ability and sincere service attitude, it was highly recognized by the visiting team and the customer in Turkey, and we officially started this project which took two years.

In the middle of 2016, with the efforts of Aligned, the project achieved confirmation of production and delivery ahead of schedule. After the goods arrived at the port, Aligned immediately arranged for the engineering team to complete the installation and commissioning of the air conditioning system and equipment on site. The general manager Polain personally went to the site to check the work, in order to ensure that it could be put into production as soon and smoothly as possible, and that the cooperation between the two companies could also achieve perfect results.

After the machine was officially put into production, in order to practice the values of Aligned, we sent technical engineers to assist the customer in operating the machine and providing services for six months. During this period, the engineers provided more thoughtful and detailed training to the customer and helped them to develop the ability to solve the problems independently.

With our joint efforts, the customer’s business has grown significantly and the project has become a model project for Aligned in Turkey.

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