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We specialize in enhancing complete solutions for liquid packaging, from filling to sealing/capping, labeling and cartoning etc, such as galss/plastic bottle, sachet and plastic ampoule.

Solution Services
According to your production demand to design the right solution.
Installation Services
Overseas Iinstallation and commissioning machines to ensuring smooth operation.
After-Sales Service
Our team is available online to assist you promptly with any issues you may encounter.

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About Aligned

Aligned is a professional pharmaceutical machine supplier from China, which has grown over 20 years of experience and competence to become a modern company capable of providing complete solutions to its customers.
The initial team of the company was established in 2004, and the members are all experts with decades of experience in the machinery manufacturing industry. From the very beginning of the company, we have been committed to provide our customers with high quality products and the best service. Aligned has a professional R&D team, consisting of dozens of experts, technicians and engineers, who have dedicated themselves to innovate and develop new technologies, upgrade old machinery and create hundreds of inventions and practical patents over the years.
Aligned can provide a wide range of pharmaceutical machines. Our oral dissolving film production and packaging machines, raw material manufacturing machines, tablet press machines, capsule filling machines and liquid filling machines have been sold to more than 150 countries and have loyal customers in Europe, the USA, Spain, Canada, Russia and Turkey. The core reason why we can gain their trust, besides the support of professional engineers and the efforts of efficient sales team, is that we always insist on innovation to make our machines meet or exceed lead the needs of our customers.
In the 20-year history of the company’s continuous development, we have always kept the mission of “helping Chinese science and technology go throughout the world, contributing to human health and sustainable development” in mind, and have completed the whole project of solid preparation and oral liquid production line in many countries such as Tanzania and Turkey, which has been praised by customers. For more details, please visit our website or contact us by email .

Meet Our Team

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Managing director
Susan Hong
Managing Director
Overseas Manager
Eva Chiang
Overseas Manager
chief engineer
Jack Tang
Chief Engineer
District Manager
Angier Wong
District Manager
District Manager
Dennis Hui
District Manager
District Manager
Billy Young
District Manager

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